California Overturned the Gay Marriage Ban… How Will This Impact 2008 Elections?

The California Supreme Court overturned the ban on gay marriage today. This decision makes me very proud to live in California. I think any two people who want to get married should be able to get married. For those arguing that gay marriage destroys the sanctity of marriage, well, I don’t think that sanctity exists  considering that almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. And when you take into account that luminaries such as Britney and K-Fed, Pamela and Tommy Lee / Kid Rock / Rick Solomon can get married — or when you watch every other episode of the Jerry Springer show — it’s proof positive that there is NO sanctity left in marriage. So unless the conservatives have a better argument than sanctity, this particular argument holds no value.

But the timing of this decision could impact the Democrats’ chance of the White House in 2008. In 2004, Gavin Newsom‘s bad timing made gay marriage a national issue during the Presidential Elections and may have cost Kerry the election.* I heard that Congressman Barney Frank (D – Mass), actually called Newsom himself and asked him to wait a few months. But he didn’t want to wait and the conservative voters rallied behind an unpopular, ineffective president for fear of terrorists and gays. I mean, what could be scarier than 2 people in love getting married. Marriage is reserved for 2 people getting married because they have to, because one of them got pregnant.

My fear is that gay marriage will once again dominate the headlines, take the spotlight away from the devastating war in Iraq, the miserable state of health care and education, and mobilize the lowest common denominator of the American voting public to vote for the Republican candidate — the “I’m-in-good-health-but-I-collect-tax-free-disability-money-from-the-government” John McCain. And if McCain gets elected, he’ll hold the power to nominate at least one other judicial appointment to the Supreme Court, and when this case reaches the Supreme Court, it will undoubtedly get overturned by the conservative bench.

These days, our economy is in a crap-hole, and the only reason we’re not in a recession is because spending went up a minuscule of a percentage point which was caused by high gas prices which increased the cost of goods and services. Our soldiers are fighting a war to bring us more oil and spread democracy in Iraq. Our health care system is in crisis with no solution in sight (unless a democrat gets elected), but now, all attention is going to turn towards gay marriage. I hope that whichever Democrat gets the nomination, can stay focused and keep the voters’ attention on the war, economy and health care, without distancing themselves from issues such as gay rights and abortion. I hope the Democrats don’t screw up their chance at the White House again…

And about the economy…I say, if you want to improve the economy then gay marriage CANNOT be banned. Think about it people, weddings are big business. Let’s expand the pool of people eligible to get married. Weddings employ local caterers, planners, photographers, etc. That’s right, labor that CANNOT be outsourced to China, and this means that the money spent will actually improve the local economies** a lot more than the economic surplus checks arriving in the mail.

Here’s hoping that in the last 4 years, the American public has learned from its mistakes. Here’s hoping that people put aside their judgments and make voting decisions about politics without regard to what two consenting adults do in their private lives. After all, most of those voters who are so concerned about gay marriage that they keep voting Republican, are the ones least likely to benefit from Republican policies.

* I know that there were many more issues that cost Kerry the election. He ran a horrible campaign and this was just one of the many reasons he lost the election.

** Brad and Angelina have promised that they’ll get married when ALL people are allowed to get married, not just the straights. Brad and Angelina’s wedding pictures will likely sell lots of magazines, increasing consumer spending and keeping tabloid journalists and photographers employed.


4 thoughts on “California Overturned the Gay Marriage Ban… How Will This Impact 2008 Elections?

  1. Ahhhh, here we go again. I was really hoping that the Dems will wait out until after the election to stir up this pot.

    I agree with all your comments, except the part about it being up to the American public to decide and not make this a hot button issue for these elections. It is up to the McCain camp and the Karl Roves of this world whether they want to manipulate the American public around this issue again.

    I really think that the gay marriage issue will bring out the bigots of the republican party to the polls come November. But it’s entirely up to McCain (and his campaign people) to exploit this issue or not. The Bush camp jumped on it and rode it hard because they needed anything to deflect attention from Bush’s record… But somehow I see McCain more dignified that Bush would ever hope to be. Let’s hope that McCain does not use this as a red herring this campaign.

  2. Well, I certainly hope that McCain takes the high road and doesn’t resort to Karl Rove-style campaign politics. If McCain wants to win this election, he needs to stay away from aligning himself too much with Bush. The Bush policies have not exactly played out well for the American public.

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