The Post-It Note, Circa 2013

Writing for me is a form of therapy, along with my other forms of therapy (crossfit, spinning, hot yoga, wine).  I write when I’m happy, excited, angry or sad. I go through periods of silence when I’m content, or lazy. I used to write about politics, but now it makes me angry and frustrated. Now my blog has turned to an outlet for sharing mostly what brings me joy (food, wine, travel and friends). Then there are times when I need a release from the relationships that cause me pain or anger.

It was some time around December of 2012. I had come to terms with the breakup. But it wasn’t a clean break. We were still communicating. So I decided it was time to cut off ties and informed (C), no more communication.  No text messages, emails or instant messages. Six days later he contacted me. He had won the lottery for LudoBites 10, the last one. And he invited me. He knew it was my achilles heel. I couldn’t say no to LudoBites and he knew I’d respond to him. And I fell for it. The night of our LudoBites dinner date, our romance rekindled. December 21, 2012. It ended on September 8, 2013. The day I returned from Armenia.

It was my first, real, adult love. Lasted longer than any other relationship.

And it was full of adventures, travel, great food and love. And it was full of ups and downs. Great highs and lows.

When it was good, it was great. I’ll try to remember the good times. The adventures. And the highs. I’ll try to learn from the challenges.

And I’ll try to forget how it ended. Because this story did not deserve the ending it got.





You know the post-it breakup scene from Sex and the City? It’s been replaced by the text message.

One thought on “The Post-It Note, Circa 2013

  1. :-( Breakups suck. I really wish I had some magical words to make it all better. To fast forward time so that you’d be recovered and healed. But, it does just take time (and friends and family and wine and spin/yoga/fit.). Thinking of you. *Hugs*

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