Fu*k the media for giving us Dadbod

Today I learned a new word. A word about body acceptance. A word that’s unheard of in women’s lexicon. Today, I learned about dadbod.

Haven’t exercised since high school, college, or the beginning of time? No problem! Carrying a few extra pounds? That’s all right, you’re human. Is lifting a can of beer the only exercise you get? Well, then… welcome to the club. All you need for a dadbod is a body that’s not perfect and you will be loved and accepted. But wait, that’s not all. You also need the XX chromosome, because the dadbod is only available to men.

Women do not qualify for an existence of a word that celebrates the female body. We get our faces shoved with “how to lose those 10 extra pounds in 2 weeks.”  How to reduce cellulite, flatten stomach, thigh, brain, whatever. We get anything BUT be happy and healthy.

But the male body with imperfection gets the dadbod moniker, and it’s sexy.

So I’d like to take this opportunity to fuck you to the creators of dadbod. Not because I’m against having a word that’s about body acceptance. I’m just outraged at yet another blatant example of sexism where imperfections are celebrated and accepted in men but not in women. So here’s my big F U to the media who continue to objectify women with constant pressures of unrealistic beauty standards and take the opposite approach with men.

F*ck you!

Take your latest diet, your airbrushed size 0 models and shove it up every woman’s ass.


Where to dine in LA… The Eliza List

For the past few years, food lovers throughout LA eagerly awaited for LA Weekly’s publication of Jonathan Gold’s list of 99 essential restaurants. It became an obsession in the LA food scene. Restaurants wanted to make the list. Serious eaters wanted to eat their way through the list.

During the 2009 edition of J Gold’s essential 99 list, one extremely optimistic suitor of mine had highlighted all the restaurants he wanted to go to with me. Sadly, this suitor lived in his car – by choice not necessity – and that was just one of the red flags. There was NO way that I was going to check out 42 restaurants with the homeless-actor-living-in-a-car-taking-showers-at-the-gym.

Since Jonathan Gold left the LA Weekly earlier this year – for the greener pastures of the LA Times –  it’s clear that the LA food community needs another list. Besha Rodell is the new food critic at LA Weekly and she needs a little more time to get acquainted with the LA dining scene. I’m hoping she creates her own list of essential restaurants.

Until then, here’ s my amateur attempt at assembling an essential list of places to eat in LA. Most on these are from Jonathan Gold’s 99 essential list (from 2011). At my most recent count, I had managed to make my way through the third of the list.

Where I’ve dined –
From Jonathan Gold’s Essential 99 List
# of Visits
Akasha 3
Animal 5+
Border Grill 3
Bottega Louie 1
Bulgarini Gelato 3+
Church & State 1
Euro Pane Bakery 5+
Father’s Office 2
Gjelina 3
Huckleberry 2
Hungry Cat 5+
Ink. 1
Jar 1
Jitlada 10+
La Casita Mexicana 2
Langer’s 3+
Little Dom’s 5+
Lou 2
LudoBites 25+
Lukshon 2
Mantee 1
Marouch 3
Mo-Chica 1
Mother Dough 3+
Mozza 5+
Oinkster 1
Palate Food + Wine (closed) 3+
Park’s Barbecue 2
Picca 3
Providence 1
Red Medecine 2
Rustic Canyon 2
Salt’s Cure 2
Son of a Gun 1
Spago 1
Street 3+
Places on my “want to eat here” list:
Comme Ça
Night + Market
Tasting Kitchen
Urasawa (not on J’Gold’s List but mine)
Places I would add to Jonathan Gold’s List 
Baco Mercat
Papilles Bistro
Carlito’s Gardel
Café Bravo
Zankou Chicken
Daily Dose 

And there it is… My list of essential places. As Julia Child would say…bon appétit!

Food, Love and Breakups

One of the toughest things about my recent breakup has to do with food memories. My ex shared my passion for food. Food brought us together.

The first time we shared food it was at LudoBites 8.0.  I had an extra seat at my table of 4. Last minute reservation. He was working late at the office. He ended up taking up the last spot at our table.  His passion for food rivaled mine.

The next time we shared food was at dinner party we hosted together, showcasing both of our cooking skills. I remember the menu. I made a roasted leg of lamb, roasted potatoes and feta cheese turnovers. He made creamed spinach, bacon wrapped dates, macaroons and bacon jam. This was not a date. But it was the beginning of our friendship.

More food memories followed. French, Korean, Cuban. Home made food brought to the office.  And then there was LudoBites again. This time foie gras night. Followed up more foie gras, this time at Animal. And after months of sharing food, we shared a kiss and just like that a friendship turned into a relationship.

This is the story of our relationship… told through food.

beef rossini

Beef rossini by Michael Voltaggio – Foie Gras Night at Animal

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Dry Spell

Despite experiencing some rain in the desert, while enjoying music in 105 degree weather, at Coachella, I’ve been on a bit of a dry spell when it comes to dating/men. Part of it is my own doing. I just don’t have the time. And whatever time I do have I spend with a bottle of wine. Or wine and friends. But dating just hasn’t been a priority lately. I’ve been VERY focused on my job. No more coasting with a 40hr work week and lunch breaks at Bar Method. Not that I’m complaining. I’m really enjoying my job. But I realized I need to make more time for socializing with the members of opposite sex when I was browsing through a slide show on FBI’s most wanted list and started drooling at one of the criminals.

So, note to self… make time for men… not on FBI’s most wanted list.

A Year in Review – A Recap of 2011

It’s February.  I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions but I can say that I finally kept one of my resolutions. Last year I enjoyed life. I kept my resolution to cook more, entertain more, and worry less. I hosted dinner parties. I cooked… a lot of lamb dinners. And I worried less.

2011 was a year of healing and growth.  It was also a year of joy. I traveled to Armenia and reconnected with relatives. I hadn’t seen my family in almost 10 years and I got to know my family members as an adult.  I fell in love with my family and discovered how lucky I am to have them in my life, even if they’re about 10,000 kilometers away. Yep. I’m still on the metric system. After 21 years in US, I still think the metric system is superior… and simpler. So I’ll stick with it. Remnants of a communist past (which gave me much better foundation in math and science than the system in the US).

2011 also brought a new chapter in my career. I started a job that I really, truly love. Not just like. Or tolerate. But love. I’m happy. Which makes all the other areas of my life so much better.

And here’s my 2011 in pictures. I can only imagine what 2012 has to offer. Cheers! Continue reading

Couple Friends

There’s something I’ve noticed about a lot of my friends who couple up. Suddenly they enter the “couple zone.” Not all friends. But some friends. What is the couple zone? The couple zone is a zone that only reaches equilibrium when other couples are present. But if a single person enters this zone, it throws off the equilibrium. Couples have a special set of couple friends just for couple activities. They love to plan activities with other couple friends. Like dinners. Game nights. Date nights. And other events that involve even numbers. Continue reading

The Vampire and The Zombie

I took a little hiatus from documenting my dating horror stories. Partly because I had a busy summer/fall. I was having a really great time dating someone for two whole months, although I like to count my dating days in dog years, just to make them seem longer. Then I went to Armenia to visit relatives with a brief stopover in Paris. Had a great time. Came back from an amazing trip and shortly after my 2-month relationship came to an abrupt end. I wish I had a good story behind this but I don’t. It was just the classic case of “he’s just not that into you.” But hey, at least I didn’t get dumped on my birthday.  Although, interestingly enough we ended things a day after HIS birthday.

A few weeks after my brief romance came to an end I met a vampire. I was out with a group of friends on Halloween, at the undesirable section of LA, past my 5 mile radius and west of La Brea.  I had no intention of going out. Between travels, breakups and job interviews, I hadn’t had a chance to think about Halloween. But my friend Liz inspired me to join her crew for a pub crawl and I ended up on the west side, in my zombie ballerina finest, getting my drink on somewhere on Main Street, in Santa Monica.

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